Digitalist CEO First 100 Days

I got two weeks orientation and time to meet with our key people to prepare for my first hundred days as a CEO for Digitalist movement or what I call my #Digitalist100CEO –program. In my mind it feels like continuing my “secretary general” job with Digitalist Network but now with global focus and +250 amazing digitalists. 

I have many things in mind and we have amazing leadership team, but here are the firsts things I think we have do together.

  1. Unite Digitalist Group & Network as one, global movement to co-create tomorrow’s solutions today
  2. Make sure everyone interested connects with our mission, strategy and vision. Start co-creating our values through Digitalist Leanlab –product (started already)
  3. Meet with <90% of Digitalist employees
  4. Meet with Digitalist customers and partners & plan for 2018 together
  5. Agree with Digitalist leadership team about goals and objectives for Q4 and 2018.
  6. Ignite global recruitment program to boost our design+tech skills especially in AI and machine learning
  7. Support technology roadmapping and growth planning
  8. Host Digitalist Studio openings in Tampere, Helsinki, Stockholm, London & San Francisco (2018)
  9. Participate in HR process creation and our competence mapping and development
  10. Co-create growth strategy for Digitalists and improve IR story

 There is a lot of work to be done, but also former CEO Sami who will take care of our NA activities has done very good job and will continue as a member of leadership team. That and our talented employees will definitely help out. I think all digitalists should plan to spend “the best years in business together” We try to be as open community as possible and share our digitalist mission with everyone. The world does not become perfect but becomes better all the time.

Digitalist – Because Tomorrow is Co-created!

Ville Tolvanen

Ville Tolvanen is CDO with Digitalist Group. “V” is the founder and co-founder of several companies in software, digital services, marketing and healthcare. Ville is popular transformation advisor, consultant and a keynote speaker. Ville Tolvanen was voted #1 Marketing expert in Finland (2016) Top 100 IT influencer (2017) and listed as #1 Social media brand by Procom (2017) Roles: Chairman, MOB, CEO, CMO, CDO, CSO, Interim Director & Consultant Founder/Co-Founder: Q.P.R. Software, Intervisio, Marchitects, Terve Media, Coronaria, Mectalent, Digitalist Network, Digitalist Group