How Digitalist Network Helps To Capitalize Transformation?

Digitalist Network connects ideas, people and companies to create new business and solutions for digital era. We listen, learn, share and deliver information, events, jobs and consulting to capitalize transformation.

Founded in 2013, Digitalist Network has over 5000 followers in Finland, over 200 publishing experts and +3,000 have participated in our events.

We like show instead and telling how to operate in the digital business environment.

Here is short introduction to our operations in Helsinki, Finland


Ville Tolvanen

Ville Tolvanen is CDO with Digitalist Group. “V” is the founder and co-founder of several companies in software, digital services, marketing and healthcare. Ville is popular transformation advisor, consultant and a keynote speaker. Ville Tolvanen was voted #1 Marketing expert in Finland (2016) Top 100 IT influencer (2017) and listed as #1 Social media brand by Procom (2017) Roles: Chairman, MOB, CEO, CMO, CDO, CSO, Interim Director & Consultant Founder/Co-Founder: Q.P.R. Software, Intervisio, Marchitects, Terve Media, Coronaria, Mectalent, Digitalist Network, Digitalist Group