About Me

A professional blogger with experience in marketing, communication, e-commerce, administration and retail.

I hold a BA (Hons) in Arts Fashion Management from London University of Arts with a 2:1 Distinction (Upper Second Honours). Currently I am working as a Content Manager for Digitalist and managing my own company including consulting for other companies (PR, communications and marketing) and blogging. I established my own company in early 2012 and all of a sudden it’s seven years later and here I am, a full-time entrepreneur.

I am fluent in three languages, my native Finnish, English and Russian.

I am highly passionate about brand management and marketing communications, which are of most interest to me in my industry.

Through my years in blogging and having my own business, I have gotten invaluable experience in marketing and communications, PR and digital marketing and even website design. My experience working for an advertising agency only added to that and widened my perspective. Through my work history I have had the honor to collaborate with amazing brands and work on marketing strategies for very diverse companies. As an influencer I have experience from both sides of the field of digital marketing and social media, which I find very helpful and it gives me a more comprehensive understanding of the business.

I have true passion for marketing and communications and find profound interest in all things concerning consumer behaviour and compelling content. Strong points of interest: digital marketing, affiliate marketing, community management & social media, content marketing, branding, project management, blogging & blog marketing, SEO, SEM, analytics and online sales.

I am currently located in Lempäälä, Finland, working for Digitalist in Helsinki and Tampere offices.



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