Henri Nyström

Leader, interim executive, transformation driver

About Me

I have been working in managing positions in e-commerce business over nine years. During that time the whole industry has changed radically. Hence even whole consumer business has changed. It is a fine art of being able to keep yourself on the top of the wave, which requires a lot of vision and testing. One simple test might be more valuable than tens of hours in meeting room.

I have passion for leadership. The passion leads to personal development, therefore I am focusing to improve my leadership skillset constantly. I am a lifelong learner. I truly believe that oneself should be able to critically evaluate themselves and improve their self awarerness to be able to be a better leader. The world around us is rapidly changing, therefore leaders are required to enable themselves in constant self development. Moreover one must have a true passion for what ever one is doing to succeed.

I’m on a mission to disrupt traditional thinking and models in business world. By combaining techology and user experience, we can provide phenomenal service for customers, who ever they are, at anytime or place. Hence, one could argue me to be UX/CX enthusiast.

I am interested in drone delivery, electric cars (and airplanes), solar power, IoT and other “breaktrough” tech. Everything what changes the world to better place, fascinates me.

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