Marja-Liisa Pollari

About Me

I started my career with content as a journalist at the media company Talentum. I worked as an editor in M&M, managing editor in Tietoviikko and editor in chief in covered the new economy, digital revolution, startup companies and leadership. I learned how effective and inspiring the teamwork can be when everything is new and changing every day. During the last years in Talentum I was very interested in strategy and brandbuilding. And by chance I met very talented advertising people which had started the agency Skandaali. They thought that I might become a planner at Skandaali. I have learned a lot about brand building and execution with many interesting clients as a planner and last years as a strategy director.
So I started with the content and then learned brand. Thats why it´s really inspiring when the era of Branded Content has started.
In the beginning of September 2014 Skandaali became part of finnish advertising history. The new agency Reputation fights to build brands that are destined for regional and international success.

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