About Me

I’ve worked the gamut from corporations, print/online publications, financial world, consultant to startups, freelancer, and in the agency world. Did this change my design tastes or work process? It is a evolving process. It is a process to find the correct pace and style to communicate effectively. But that is what design allows me to do, communicate effectively, and whether that is verbally or visually it is the medium that I need to work with to get the job done. Does the end product reflect everything that is me? No, not completely. I infuse what I think is a good design, but I work hard to listen to what the project requires. Point me at a problem to solve, and I will try. Let me explore with software, imagery, type, motions/actions, and space hierarchy. How we find the answer is also a process that is part of design, and is very interesting to me. Who am I? I’m a designer and what that means is I try and communicate effectively and currently my tools are visuals.

Brand Guideline development and implementation
UI design and element creation
Photoshop manipulation and Digital Asset Management
After Effects editing and file management
Project Scoping and Budgeting
Client Relationship Management
Team Building and Leadership
Print and Web Development
Communicating at Professional Level
Change Management
Generating Reports
Building Best Practices and Processes
Managing Budget
New Product and Services Development
Corporate Branding
Production Workflows
Technology Solutions

Specialties: Mid level budgeting for a department, mentoring, printer negotiations, print specifications and guidelines, and print production workflows


B&W Photography, World History, Military History from the 13th-15th Century, Asian-American History from the 19th Century, Hawaiian History, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Andy Goldsworthy, David Hockney, Keith Haring

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