Jeroen van Hove // June 13 2016

16 TRENDS TO START DISRUPTION – Don’t miss these!


  • Media \ Streaming: Live video is now available for all to use
  • Technology \ Robot empathy: People online felt hurt when Boston Dynamics kicked their robot dog “Spot”
  • Culture \ Local love: Flea markets: Buy your neighbors’ stuff is more popular than ever before
  • Sustainability \ No more waste: Helsinki restaurant cooking with waste food only will open 2017

See all 16 trends on four territories (media, tech, culture and sustainability) and read more in:


For us its not only cool stuff or nice-to-know information, but instead, it is our way of understanding and examining the edges in culture. This involves taking a close look at the bold, cutting-edge stuff across sectors of society that’s not quite mainstream yet. Properly explored, it helps us design brand experiences and interactions that keep the brand feeling fresh since brands that don’t see the future coming usually don’t have one.

At the heart of TBWA’s Disruption® methodology is defining growth strategies for our clients. The strategies that are single-minded and daring enough to inspire disruptive ideas and behaviors every day.

We come to a strategy by deciding what has to change (Convention) and defining where we want to go (Vision).

How do we do this?

We seek out and analyze changes that are just beginning to take place, but could ultimately affect the future of a client’s industry and business. Our Analytics & Insights team follows trending topics, influencers and data to spot the triggers in bigger territories like Technology or Sustainability. We then group these triggers into emerging patterns. Because culture keeps changing, we review the outcome every quarter.

You can stay live too through our dashboard !!!