Matts Hilden // March 14 2018

How to adopt AI in organisations

Digitalist Group’s very own Artificial Intelligence guru SK Reddy did two gigs in Stockholm this week. First off was the AI breakfast seminar arranged by Digitalist where SK filled the auditorium to the very last chair speaking about how organisations, big or small, can adopt and start using AI in their daily business. You can see his speech here:
The second event was the conference AI for Marketing Summit, where SK talked more in depth about Natural Language Processing (NLP).
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming industries. Many CXOs have realized the benefits of AI and many of them want to take the organization towards AI. But how can it be done?
These are some of the question CXOs and the organizations are struggling to answer today:
  • What is AI and how to prepare to understand it better?
  • What “components” of AI does my organisation need?
  • How to upgrade the skills of my current team?
  • What hardware and software additions do I need to make to my infrastructure?
  • What are the obstacles Do’s and Don’ts?
  • How did other organisations do?
  • Which people will lose jobs?
  • What are the ?
In his speech, which you can watch above, SK Reddy discusses practical approaches to crossing the chasm of AI. He shares some examples and checklists that could be used by your organisation. He will also layout a practical approach on how organisations can transform.
Who is SK Reddy?
SK Reddy is the Chief Product officer Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Digitalist Group. He is an AI and ML expert based in San Fransisco, a multi-successful startup  entrepreneur.and an AI start-up advisor. Also, he is a frequent speaker in conferences and meetups. Additionally, he is a ML/NLP blogger.
Are you interested in what AI can do for you? Please check out our AI sprint or contact us to find out more!

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