Ville Tolvanen // December 01 2018

Advent calendar – 2018 Memory Lane – 1: Grow Digitalist

2018 has been a very interesting, inspiring and successful year in many ways for Digitalist. As it feels so many interesting things have happened this year, we want to celebrate it by going down the memory lane of this year and reminisce all the joyful things that happened this year.

For me, the joining of Grow to the Digitalist movement was the true “Dream come true experience” of this year. Our thoughts about the future, about the work that we do and about the clients met perfectly right away and the idea of the shared future was found already during the negotiations.

I have been and still am a long-standing admirer of Grow, a fan and even a competitor in some ways. I have witnessed in the past how Grow was an obvious choice to a client or a clearly better option than my own company. So it is absolutely amazing that we can now work on the future together and also get that Grow touch to be a part of future building of Digitalist.

As we join our forces, together with Grow we are very competitive and we form a specialised expert company of the next generation and together we are able to create customer experiences from idea to life.

The collaboration has begun and we are getting to know each other. I have enormous expectations for the next year and I’m sure this merger will be my number one professional memory of the year 2018. I know that we will spend the best years of our careers together. Let’s Grow Digitalist!

– V

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