Digitalist Network // December 10 2018

Advent calendar – 2018 Memory Lane – 10: Elephant Kombucha

What’s brewing in the Helsinki office?

Well, techincally the brewing itself takes part somewhere else, but you can’t miss Kombucha in the Digitalist Helsinki office. Our team at the Helsinki offices started an internal startup this year and in less than four months it has become a company on its own and is now part of everyday life at our Helsinki Studio.

As our Senior Business Designer Alex went to San Francisco in the summer, he constantly came across this mysterious drink labeled Kombucha. As he finally dared testing, it took him back to his childhood and weird “tea mushroom” drink that Alex’s mother urged him to drink every day for a good health. Full of memories and inspiration began the story of Elephant Kombucha.

Through trial and error a perfect recipe was found, and with his colleagues Karoline Kwon and Tatyana Chuzhanova Alex saw potential in this initiative to become a perfect internal startup. And in the process it provided some very interesting entrepreneurial experience.

As a customer experience innovation company that Digitalist is, Elephant Kombucha became part of daily work and it was open to collaboration and experimenting new things. Elephant Kombucha not only shows an amazing initiative Digitalist employees take, but also speaks of a great need for projects of sustainability and co-creation, that Digitalist Global wants to further emphasize in the future. Today, Elephant Kombucha is a Helsinki based startup that brews high-quality Kombucha with local Finnish berries and donates 100 % of profit to Pams Foundation in Tanzania. And that’s where the name came, as Pams Foundation combats the illegal ivory trade in Tanzania.

We are so proud about this and it definitely makes our Christmas Calendar list!

Check their story on Instagram, @elephantkombucha!

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