Digitalist Network // December 11 2018

Advent calendar – 2018 Memory Lane – 11: Tampere AI Meetup

Last month we held an AI-themed meetup in Tampere, where we got to hear interesting presentations from industry leaders and our own Kyle Hounslow, who was visiting from Canada. It was some sort of a kick-off for our thought about having an AI-network in Tampere and really get the ball rolling on making Tampere the AI capital in Finland. Due to some changing schedules and other unpredictable issues, the invitations for the meetup were sent quite late, especially considering the prechristmas-party season we were having in November.

So, considering this, we were so happy to see a full house at the meetup! We were actually searching for extra seats for all the people who came and joined our event with their interesting questions, their input and their great ideas. It was amazing to see so many familiar and new faces coming to an event eager to know what the future holds.

Though networking and events really are at the core of Digitalist, we still get so excited and full of inspirational energy every time we hold an event and have the amazing people, the digitalists, come together and discuss, innovate and share.

But, as we said, it’s only just a beginning! We are already working for the next event for next year. Who is with us? Let’s make Tampere the AI capital of Finland!

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