Sérgio Tavares, ph.D. // December 12 2018

Advent calendar – 2018 Memory Lane – 12: Love to network

Last year was candy. Digitalist Christmas party had a full-fledged, glamorous, heart-warming and mouth-watering buffet of sweet delicacies. But that’s not why it was great. Not even close.

Digitalist events already have a reputation. That’s not a reputation easy to build, especially in Helsinki, where the upcoming Innovation Summit is about to happen. The Summit is on Friday the 14th, in our sleek co-creative space studio. The reason it’s not easy to build a reputation when it comes to events in Helsinki? There are plenty of great events.

The city is known for its state-of-the-art hospitality. Remember when Trump came to Finland? Journalists of famous news outlets around the globe stated that Helsinki should always be the place of choice for hosting a crowd.

So the competition is tough. As CX Innovators, we know that awe and amazement tend to have a half-life, and you can only expect that your most loyal customers stick around for what they love about you, not for the smoke and mirrors. And that is why Digitalist events are so great: it’s about the chemistry that happens there.

You are able to mingle with prospects, clients and competitors. You are able to bring the friends you want to join the company, or check which are the real buzzwords you should be going after.

Meanwhile, a co-creation room is kicking with energy, with hands-on workshops that leave you with the aftertaste of “yeah, I learned something; something actually quite useful”. Hop on the bar, get a martini, stirred or shaken, and play some game, listen to our classical instrument jazz trio of Java coders, or even witness a live performance of Ville Tolvanen singing the best of rock. You’re not supposed to just watch, you can just enter the steamy glass room, close the door behind you and share the mic with the guru himself. Rock!

Helsinki offers the best of creative hipsterism, sustainable value chains and a peaceful, cheerful harmony, especially on Christmas time. But it’s in only a few of those that you can get a real sense of community. How is a community defined? We have had clients this year asking us this questions. One definition may be that a community is when people gather, are merry, and share something in common — something that they take, but voluntarily give back. It’s not scarcity, it’s abundance. It was just like this last year, and it is usually like this in our events, either big or small — we are eager to share the love with everyone who’s joining this year. The world needs all digitalism it can get a hold of.

This is why one of the highlights of the year is something behind the scenes. Not a certain event, not a certain achievement.

It’s the thought and effort put into events and the warm and fuzzy place where the idea comes from. The love to network. And that love was stronger than ever this year. And oh man, the events we are planning for next year!

Writer was one of the organisers of the Digitalist 24 hr Design Summit and other events by Digitalist.

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