Digitalist Network // December 15 2018

Advent calendar – 2018 Memory Lane – 15: Photo of the year

Some pictures are so much more than just that one shot, one frame in the camera. The saying “a picture says more than a thousand words” is old, but it never gets old. As in our time the smartphone camera is giving a run for their money to almost any camera producer and almost everyone moves in the modern world practically attached to their phone, so many memories and moments are captured to the camera roll. Some are more meaningful than others.

Like this one.

San Francisco is the founding place for the Pride parade and movement, and the place where one of the most liked photos in our IG feed was taken from.

After a hard, yet succesful week of driving a design sprint with a new start-up, Alex Rodichev and Teppo Kuisma hit the streets with friends, colleagues and startups from the San Francisco Studio.

This picture, taken just at the right moment was taken at the same time when these guys were interviewed to the local tv-station in the parad. Unplanned, unwarned, full of feeling. “We are one.” We are proud to be One Digitalist, with this amazing group of people of different backgrounds! Our favourite photo of the year!

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