Anna Pastak // December 16 2018

Advent calendar – 2018 Memory Lane – 16: Meeting Grow

This year, we grew together with Grow, and as the companies are in the middle of a merge into one, there has been this amazing honeymoon-like period where we have gotten to know each other, and how we work, what we do and what kind of works we actually do. Our competence grew with this acquisition and we became more comprehensive and competitive when compared to the others in the market.

As part of getting to know each other, some of the people from Grow came to Helsinki twice to introduce themselves and some of their work. Now when you think about three hours of presentations, you automatically can’t help at fear it’s going to be a bit boring and take time off more important things. Not in our world. These Grow presentations have been absolutely inspiring! The work that Grow has done, the clients they have and the ideas they have brought to life.

It’s like being proud of your partner, when they achieve something amazing in life. The three hours learning and talking with Grow flew by like an amazing date when you are just learning to know the love of your life. You are inspired, you are energised, you feel proud and you feel intrigued. You can’t wait to join your forces and work in day-to-day life together as one.

It’s one thing to see it all on paper and when management get to know a company through and through. It’s a whole other thing to see the employees interact, the mutual inspiration, the mutual admiration. You can almost sense the future co-creation be born in that moment, where people find inspiration in how others work and what they do. When a question is asked, but before it’s been asked, people feel the urge to comment something positive, to express how inspired they are. It’s magical.

Those possibilities to meet with Grow and learn about them… From an employee perspective, they were a highlight of this year!

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