Digitalist Network // December 17 2018

Advent calendar – 2018 Memory Lane – 17: Hackathon happiness

One of the highlights of this year for us has been the Hackathon happiness we got to experience this year. We have facilitated some very interesting hackathons all over the world, and on the other hand we have also taken part in some very well organised interesting hackathons and have had a lot of success in thosa.

Just during the recent fall during one weekend the Digitalist teams held two hackathons in North America. During #SanFrancisco blockchain week Digitalist teamed up with KickCity and hosted a Blockchain hackathon. And a week later, together with NASA we hosted the world’s biggest hackathon – SpaceAppsChallenge. It was absolutely thrilling. The energy, the teams, the ideas and innovative minds! It will definitely stay one amazing experience we will always remember from this year. It’s hard to explain what makes hackathons so extremely intriguing expderiences, but that’s what they are. And we can’t wait for hackathons of 2019, both organising some and also taking part in others. It will be a good year, just like this was!

Please, read more about Hackathons, and Hackathon Happiness in Teppo Kuismas blogpost from this fall.

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