Digitalist Network // December 02 2018

Advent calendar – 2018 Memory Lane – 2: Five Years a Digitalist

Did you that this year marked a five year anniversary of Digitalist? The Digitalist story was born out of the will to digitalise Finland and create an arena to advance digitalisation. Today it’s great that Digitalist is advancing digitalisation everywhere and in all fields that are important for the world and life: energy, housing, construction, transportation, manufacturing, health and business. Five years has gone by quickly, but also produced a tremendous amount of experiences, memories and relationships along the way. It brings a joyful satisfaction to be able to see how far the Digitalist movement has gone in half a decade and it is very interesting to see, where we will be in another 5 years.

Celebrating an anniversary is a good time to go back and reminisce on he very beginning. How everything started, why and what was the point and has that point been reached. It’s exuberating to flip through a film of five years and see all the things that make us Digitalist right now.

Next we will see how the network of Digitalists will succeed out in the world. We are already one of the biggest start-ups in the West Coast with our 50 professionals. We are a rapidly growing and internationalising consulting company and in many ways the pioneer of ecosystems and platform economies. At this five-year mark we are back at the beginning. The birthday nostalgia of the by-gone five years is definitely one of our sweetest memories of 2018.

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