Digitalist Network // December 20 2018

Advent calendar – 2018 Memory Lane – 20: Living as a Service

This piece of news definitely deserves a spot on our Christmas Calendar of 2018 highlights.

In September we held a workshop on Living as a Service. It was a great event, a very Digitalist-like get-together to think about how living could be improved. The thing about this workshop that warms our hearts the most, is how the ideas and suggestions all revolved around things that we find so important. In the minds of people brainstorming at this workshop, community, togetherness, AI and new digital possibilities that create sustainability were at the core of the innovations considered. Whether it was a hologram to speak with long-distance relatives or a Tender Tinder for spending time together with your neighbours.

Workshops like this give a great satisfaction and makes us believe every time a little bit more in what we do. We believe in creating the future together. In being a group, a tribe. We believe that digitalisation makes life more fulfilling and turns possibilities to realities.

So whether it’s an AI driven app or a scheduled cooking class for the whole building, we as a human race will always find a way to be together as a community. We will always strive towards co-creative future. And there is always room for service design. Even in something so everyday as the buildings we live in. Future belongs to those, who create a service around everything and who make plain everyday things into something special. To those who bring extra value to everything. And that future is already here.

It’s so great to workshop together and invent crazy yet usable ideas of what life could be at its best.

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