Digitalist Network // December 21 2018

Advent calendar – 2018 Memory Lane – 21: Our network

This year we had over 1700 people attend our events. Considering that we tend to host events like power breakfasts and workshops, events of a smaller scale with real possibility to meet everyone and network together, it makes us really proud to realise how many familiar and new faces we have gotten to meet this year.

Our network on social media has been very active and we get to witness and take part in different interesting conversations on a daily basis. It’s great to see so much activity and interest, so many innovative ideas and challenging, sparring thoughts. We have been pondering on one single moment this year, that would’ve made our highlight reel. But then we realised there were too many. And that is our highlight number 21. The pure amount of the people in our network, the activity shown in our channels and the interesting conversations it yields.

As with everything else, we want to see even more active, more engaging next year. We will do our best to facilitate innovation and co-creation next year and we are sure our network will once again astonish us with the ideas and thoughts that make us so proud of the digitalist movement that is going on.

Thanks for being you, thanks for being part of our network! It definitely makes our list of top highlights of the year! 

If you are not yet in our social media network (and yet found this post), feel free to become part of the conversation!

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