Suvi Vainio // December 23 2018

Advent calendar – 2018 Memory Lane – 23: A Christmas Innovation Summit

At our Innovation Summit – Christmas Edition on December 14th we launched our new brand and organised Digitalist Innovation Summit, had a day of innovative encounters and had a Christmas party at our Helsinki office. It was an open event for everyone and people could pop in and out when they wanted. During the day participants were able to identify Digitalist staff from their brand new black shirts with colourful Digitalist logo on the back. In addition to Digitalist tribe there were about 100 people registered during the day to hear different speeches, participate in different workshops, meet Digitalists and get themselves into Christmas spirit in the evening.

Day started with a delicious Digitalist superpower breakfast. People had some time eat and greet before our CEO Ville Tolvanen opened the day. We had some amazing speakers from the industry, so no wonder morning sessions were the most popular sessions of the day.

The day continued with design workshops after lunch. There were three workshops running simultaneously. Topics varied from creating culture for innovation and mastering your omnichannel KPI’s to Kombucha handcrafting workshop. Kombucha workshop raised the most questions beforehand. People were eager to know what it was about. In the workshop Elephant Kombucha shared their story on building an internal startup culture by applying our knowledge on lean startup approaches, experiments and prototyping. Workshop participants were able to create their very own kombucha flavour and brew it. What a healthy start for the weekend!

All workshops ran twice during the afternoon before it was time to relax and start Digitalist Christmas party.

Our office was decorated with spruce branches and garlands giving a warm Christmas vibe. But that’s not really what makes an event a success! What makes a great party? Great people! And also interesting discussions and dinner, drinks and live music by our own Digitalist, a very talented Markus Kaarto. Gin & tonic bar was a success and a karaoke really was a big hit towards the end of a long and fun day. We have some great singers among us.

All in all it was a great day with an excellent combination of personnel, customers, network members and to-be Digitalists. It will definitely stay as one of our best memories of the year 2018.

Also our Stockholm office had a Christmas Party on the same day and the folks in San Francisco were building awesome looking gingerbread houses, and both of these parties looked like a lot of fun too. It’s sad really that one person can’t be in two places at once. But it is great to be part of a community that shares photos and feelings of events so you get to experience a little bit of the celebration in our other studios.

by Suvi Vainio
People & Competence Manager