Digitalist Network // December 03 2018

Advent calendar – 2018 Memory Lane – 3: Launching Ticknovate

This year we launched a new innovative ticketing platform called Ticknovate™.

It took the hard work of an international crew from four different Digitalist Studios and it was launched in October in London.

Ticknovate™ is a fully flexible and scalable ticketing and content management solution that facilitates the creation and distribution of tickets for places of interest, events and transportation. It is designed to minimise laborious manual processes and remove ad hoc work arounds and barriers to selling across your channels.

Ticknovate™ allows businesses set up multiple types of inventory, whether it’s a route, dining or a general access event removing the need to run multiple solutions alongside each other. Pricing, commissions, channels, distribution and promotions can be controlled in one place with ease. Ticknovate™ boasts an innovative user experience and an easy to use service creation and pricing interface, that makes the creation and management of services a breeze.

Ticknovate™ is a market changing and versatile ticketing solution that drives growth and performance.

It was truly one of the great moments this year to launch this market changing ticketing solution and we are eagerly waiting what great success stories we will see with Ticknovate™ in the near future.

Interested? Check out more HERE!

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