Stefanie Brandt-Tallqvist // December 04 2018

Advent calendar – 2018 Memory Lane – 4: New COEX

The best companies are driven by their values, have focus on their mission and are driven forward by their vision. In the digital age the cultural aspects of a business have become the new competitive advantage. If led in the right way, culture can be a powerful entity affecting the business in many positive ways, most importantly the bottom line of a company. This is why many forward thinking companies have decided to give the amazing and perplex task a high level priority.

And this is something Digitalist announced very recently as the company is putting some new focus and new determination to company culture and employee experience.

A company culture is about what makes us well… us! Who we are as a company tribe. It is how our leaders lead, how we act towards each other and our network, it is embedded in all processes, systems and structures and the culture becomes visible in the work we do. This is why a company culture is reflected in the company brand, because who we are reflects what we do. This is how the company culture becomes the brand, when companies go from being a front to becoming a glass box where what you see is what you get. This is how the employee experience becomes the customer experience.

In short EX=CX.

The foundation of a great company culture is a strong and manifested set of values and a mission that resonates with everyone in the company. Values guides the way we decide things and it drives our behaviour. A culture is the behaviours and actions of the company as a collective, and each company has its own unique cultural DNA. This is why a cultural transformation cannot be led from the outside, the culture has to change from within, and we are just in the beginning of that journey. In the end, a company doesn’t change, it is the people within the company who do.

Digitalist is a tribe of many tribes, and the task ahead is to find a unified culture for all of us that resonates with the co-creating spirit we have with our network and customers.

In order for us to build the best CX and EX, this year we made an organisational change and established a totally new silobreaking unit that combines all our support functions under one umbrella. Beginning the journey of the Digitalist COEX (Client Operations and Employee Experience) unit is one of our sweetest memories of this year.

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