Digitalist Network // December 05 2018

Advent calendar – 2018 Memory Lane – 5: Digitalist Forest

Yesterday we were reminiscing about the launch of our COEX unit. Today we want to celebrate one of our proudest moments this year. As one of our sustainability efforts, we started a project called Digitalist Forest. In a place called Páramo, located in Colombia we give back where we can and every time a Digitalist writes a blog post, we plant a tree in Digitalist Forest. Our goal for this year was 50 trees, and we have reached it already! For next year, we have much bigger hopes and we really are looking forward to seeing the Digitalist Forest grow in the coming years.

We truly believe that the only way to do successful business, is to pay attention to sustainability and wellbeing of our planet. As a tribe of digitalists living in a Digital Era working on digital innovations, we already are working on solutions and innovations that bring more sustainable future for everyone. In our daily life we have this aspect in mind, and the upcoming year 2019 we are looking forward to taking leaps forward when it comes to sustainability.

But for now, please read more about our Digitalist Forest HERE!

And if you want to contribute, just let us know! For every blogpost contributed, we plant a tree! 

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