Digitalist Network // December 07 2018

Advent calendar – 2018 Memory Lane – 7: Studio openings

At the heart of Digitalist is the network and the Digitalist events that we do. This year had quite a few memorable ones, and we want to dedicate today to the great studio openings and moving-ins we have had this year.

2018 started with grand Studio openings in San Francisco and Vancouver. Our new arrival and profile gathered both local and international attention to our vision. Well organized, played and delivered by us, we look back with a happy smile at these events!

Team Sweden had also grand opening of the Södermalm Studio providing a great start for Digitalist movement in Sweden. Very recently we moved in with Grow, and are now all in A House premises in Östermalm in Stockholm, and will kick-off 2019 season with grand opening of the new Studio in Sweden. It’s going to be a great one! With now seven Studios all over the World we have amazing possibilites for hackathons, power breakfasts, workshops, meetups and of course celebrations. Like the one we are having in one week in Helsinki! If you are not yet registered, do it now!

What makes these the most sweetest of memories is the innovative talks and networking with our friends, colleagues and customers. Those moments truly speak for themselves and show how we walk the talk. Our passion for events is never-ending, and we definitely believe that next year we will definitely have some amazing moments with our network!

Having so many Studios open in one year just goes to show how much we have grown. Can’t wait to see what’s happening next year!

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