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Advent calendar – 2018 Memory Lane – 8: The Co-Creature

Getting recognition for a work well done is always nice. Especially, when it’s awarded in three different categories! One of the highlights this year was when our own

Here is how the creative mind behind the project, Matts Hildén describes The Co-Creature:

“A way of explaining something abstract is telling a story. For example: what the heck is co-creation? Sometimes in workshops aiming to determine a brand’s identity, an exercise is done where the participants are asked “If your brand would be an animal, which one would it be?“ (Lion, dolphin, unicorn …), “If your brand would be a car, which one would it be?” (Tesla, Toyota, Rolls Royce …), “If your brand would be a celebrity, who would it be?” (Dalai Lama, Lady Gaga, Ronaldo …). It can be fun, and a good way to get everyone on the same page. When I joined Digitalist, I felt a need to add something juicy to our brand and story. Something other than a black font on a white background, or more fancy slides. So what kind of being is a Digitalist? A Co-creature of course! So why not a monster story? Why not a love story? Why not both?

Using the narrative of classic monster movies, I took on the challenge to tell the story of Digitalist and how we work – in fiction (also known as making shit up.) I pitched the idea to global CEO Ville, who (wisely) approved.

The objective of this project has been to create an entertaining and unexpected topic for conversation both internally and with clients. A story we can share. It was finished just in time for the San Francisco and Vancouver opening in March, and has and will be distributed globally as a give away at trade shows, client meetings, seminars etc. If you are interested in co-creation, monsters, chemtrails, San Francisco, comic books or just about anything, this is for you!”

We love the story! And so do the people at theCreativity International Awards, as The  Co-Creature was awarded 3 x Silver Award in the categories of Brochure, B2B – Illustration and Graphic Novel – Creative Firm Self Promotion). We are honored and look back at the whole project with a happy smile on our faces.

Matts, you rock!

Psst! If you want your own copy, get it here!

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