Digitalist Network // December 09 2018

Advent calendar – 2018 Memory Lane – 9: Growth

Some people like it best, when they see measurable results and numerical data. We love them too. Though in a field of innovation and new modern solutions it’s impossible to measure a company’s success by just numbers, they do give a somewhat good idea of how things are going and which direction the company is heading.

This year we have had amazing growth, that’s easy to see in numbers. At the end of Q3 our revenue had grown 29 %, fuelled by acquisitions over last and this year.

The growth of our international footprint is probably what makes us happiest. We now have operations across multiple geographies and the scale of operations in each location has shown significant growth. International portion of our business has grown from 19% in 1-9/2017 to 59% in 1-9/2018. The international portion of our revenue has already been at 71% this year (Q3) and has had an excellent trend of steady growth this year.

During the 2018 we have also added some great new talent. The headcount at Digitalist Global has increased from 240 to 266, growing 11%. The international success is showing in our talent as well as currently 55 % of Digitalist Staff are outside of Finland, compared to the 34% art the end of year 2017.

But, as said. Not all can be measured by numbers. All shouldn’t be either. As the year is coming to an end, we couldn’t be more happier about the fact that our offering has become wider and more comprehensive and our talent pool has become more synergic, especially after acquisition of Grow. We are bigger, stronger, better and growing constantly.

Showing growth on all these sectors is definitely one of our highlights of the year 2018.

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