Eliana M. Henao de Sarpila // August 03 2017

Art hotels & boutique hotels are full of special details – just like us

We all like something special, we like to feel important, unique and that the world just makes sense and works its beauty around us. The uniqueness and beauty of things around us works as an extension of our feelings, emotions and experiences.

An IT company is not always seen as unique, special or beautiful anymore. On the contrary it might be seen as a rather cold, air-conditioned and dull place. But that way of thinking is far from the truth. I have tried to explain before why I think what I do for a living is pretty cool; but I hadn’t found the right analogy until now. Ville Tolvanen the new CDO at Digitalist Group was in the end of June speaking about why We are special, why our Clients are special, why our Product are special… and it resonated with me specially when he said ‘we are not running a Holiday Inn, we are an Art Boutique hotel’. That was a great way to make you feel special, not just because we as humans need reinforcement in our qualities, but because I sincerely believe that we have people inside Digitalist Group that are unique.



So, just to be clear, for me an art hotel is the one that has a pool with hand painted tiles in the middle of the garden, flowers pouring from the walls, marbel carvings, rustic tiles and art sculptures, paintings and food, that with its beauty and flavours mentally takes you to new places with each spoon that goes in your mouth. Do you see it? Something kind of special, just like some people.

Somebody asked me a while ago why Digitalist Group is a unique place? Without a blink I said: The people!! We are not like others, we are quite unique. We are not just another company with the rather sweet and friendly normal culture. We are the experienced knowledgeful kind, who love and embrace diversity, not just in nationality but also in opinions or work styles. From couch potato lovers to only standing everyday work, to kitchen all day people, home office late owls and early risers. All kinds of music and tastes. People that doesn’t says no to helping you every time you have a technical issue like Juri, Jyki, Jussi and Niina who are always providing incredible help service. Or what about the kindness of the HR team? Tiina knows everything worth knowing and Aila always smiles. There are so many special people like Alex, a fitness trainer, former developer and business designer who works so hard I am always impressed.



Did you know for example that Pauli is a skilful surfer and snowboarder?  Or that we have at least 4 Ph.D.’s in the house, like for example Simo? People who has to dedicate their entire life to be good at something. Anu, who works so hard that she is usually around after office time. Annika, an avid watercolour painter whose pics are impressive. Teppo, a great pirate of the seas who love and cherish the sun at any time possible. Esa, a leader who believes in you, who let you make your own mistakes and you can always count on the fact that he will find the cookies stash. Jane who has travelled around the world doing design, simultaneously being a super mom of 3 who always has more activities planned than anyone I’ve known so far. Liinu, an orientated aficionado. Raisa, the perfect company for enjoying some sparkling wine. Susanna, a fluent Spanish-English-Finish speaker, Jaana, who can be as reliable for a 6 am meeting as for a Sunday evening planning or Tati, a person who’s good mood is admirable. And the best of all is that this list can go on and on for ages, since I think the talent and all the special aspects that people bring to work is what makes this place a unique place, an Art boutique Hotel.

For all my colleagues, it is a pleasure to learn from all of you every day, and a pity I can’t mention you all, but each and every one of you is greatly unique! For those who are looking to join a special place, welcome to be part of a house full of talented people.