Ville Tolvanen // February 13 2019

Blockchain – the Missing Piece?

Do you feel like business consultants keep coming up with new hypes that don’t actually change your business in any way? Did you already get over the hype around AI and realize it’s a significant but slow process?

Blockchain is coming, are you ready?

Blockchain might have a bigger significance.

What are we missing from the web right now? Trust, joint platforms and models for sharing value in a secure way. What does Blockchain do? It creates virtual market places and transactions by bringing together different parts of the value chain in a reliable and unique way. Blockchain doesn’t just enable secure agreements, it also creates new material between different parties.

Blockchain could potentially enable shared, virtual ecosystems on the web.

Knowledge, customer requirements and organizations are currently still in silos on the web. We’re missing trust in collective development that’s based on a customer-oriented approach. We need a secure way to bring together different parties to work on a joint purpose. Blockchain as part of cloud strategy is now striving to respond to this demand.

What’s particularly interesting is that Blockhain will soon be an invisible part of a better user experience.

We’re still at a very early stage, but credible initiatives are increasing rapidly. Blockchain has all the potential to revolutionize commerce, construction, manufacturing value chains, healthcare and finance.

From platforms to shared value chains

Platform economy is moving from self-contained software platforms to shared, cloud based ecosystems. Co-creation needs models for planning, guiding and monitoring different activities jointly. We need technology that makes each transaction both separate and shared.

Blockchain has unlimited potential and IBM is leading the way in its future.

The writer is taking part in the IBM influencer program at Thin 2019 event in San Francisco, California.



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