Ville Tolvanen // October 02 2017

CASE Digitalist – Rebirth after (Nokia) disruption

We know what disruption means in practice. Our previous mothership Ixonos was one of the big Symbian expertise providers when Nokia was on “burning platform” and stopped developing Symbian. We collapsed from 1100 employees to 180.

We are not that company anymore. Digitalist Group was created from Ixonos, Cresense, InterQuest, Digitalists and Wunderkraut Sweden. Today we are +250 professionals in Canada, USA, UK, Sweden and Finland. We are not the company we used to be.

So how can you still show financial performance below industry average?

The rebuild of the company started about three years ago. We decided to move from IT-services to consulting. We chose a new business idea. We decided to concentrate on “creative technology” meaning combining Customer X Experience (CX) and Insights with Design and technology. We focused our efforts on innovating new business models, services and customer experience. Today our offering and expertise is totally different than what it used to be. It’s also a huge challenge for communication. Now we are ready for true digital era with top expertise to discover, design, deliver and drive innovation. We can talk the talk and walk the walk.

What did we do with the millions?

Turning a big ship around is hard work and expensive. It takes investment of millions to create a global network of studios, experts and customers. Changing the name to Digitalist was the last but necessary decision to highlight our new value. Newborn Digitalist consists of senior experts with over 20 different passports and a global culture. Our people + methology and ecosystem approach makes us unique.

Wonder why companies like Honda, Samsung, Kone, Telia, Fortum, Color Line, Spotify, HP, Apple, Cargotec, Unionen and Finnair trust us on creating digital futures? Test us and see how we deliver. It’s great to be a challenger during the times of change. You should see with your own eyes what our expertise can co-create with You.

Ville Tolvanen started as Digitalist Group CEO October 1, 2017.

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