Ville Tolvanen // September 19 2017

Co-creative Space

When we announced the marriage of Digitalist Group and Network we said that we would create “a global network of co-creation studios for anyone to use.” We promised to get back to you after the summer.

During summer we grew by 20% when Digitalist Sweden was born as former Wunderkraut Sweden joined the movement.

Digitalist movement and ecosystem is based heavily on the co-creation philosophy. Our mission is to create tomorrow’s solutions today by collaborating with our followers, participants, partners, customers, employees and investors. Digitalists think tomorrow’s opportunities are only capitalized by rethinking business development.


Digitalist studios open fall 2017!

Digitalist ecosystem means talent, tools and ecosystem approach in order to create and deliver digital services. The network consists of incredible employees, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Our platform includes talent, methods and studios.


Speed up your innovation management in Digitalist Studios?!

We open our facilities to our customers and anyone needing a space for co-creating something new. We operate studios in San Francisco, Vancouver, London, Stockholm and in five cities in Finland. We already have some of our customers outsourcing their innovation programs to our facilities and start-ups using our platform to conquer the world.



Why not work together?

Digitalist ecosystem is build to speed up innovation for the digital era. Our customer inclusive approach connects users, partners, customers and experts to discover agile ways to deliver from idea to cash as a lean operation.

Look out for the Studio opening dates in Helsinki, Stockholm, London and San Francisco this fall! Show your #digitalist colours and co-create tomorrow’s solutions today!


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