Matts Hilden // April 17 2018

The Co-creature takes over Digitalist

So what is this co-creation we keep going on about? A way of explaining something abstract is telling a story. Why not a monster story? Why not a love story? Why not both? Using the narrative of classic monster stories, we took on the challenge of telling the story of Digitalist and how we work, in fiction. If you are interested in co-creation, monsters, chemtrails, San Francisco, comic books or just about anything, this is for you! The story is written by Matts Hildén, creative director at Digitalist, and the exquisite artwork is made by the award winning artists Ola Skogäng and Rebecka Helmersson.

Here you can see a sneak peek of the comic, if you’d like to see more, drop us a line!

Co-creature comic cover

Co-creature in the city

Co-creature takes over Alcatraz

A guy plotting

A scared woman

A satellite in space

Busy roads

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