Petteri Poutiainen // April 14 2020

Continuous development despite business disruption

Petteri Poutiainen

CEO, Digitalist Group

The world has changed quite dramatically due to the COVID-19-virus and most of us are working remotely right now. Also a lot of businesses have faced a major crisis due to diminishing earnings when for example travel has stopped, restaurants have closed and many other businesses have lost their customers due to various reasons. Despite the challenging situation we at Digitalist see that now is the time to keep the eyes in the future and invest in ways to ensure a healthy recovery when the crisis is over.

We have very quickly been able to shift our work to more than 200 remote offices in our employees’ homes and thus we are able to deliver all customer work as agreed. We also have a vast knowledge in digital service development, and tools like our online co-creation platform LeanLab that allows us to help you face the challenges set by this crisis. LeanLab is the perfect tool to keep innovating and developing your business together with your customers, employees and other key target groups completely online.  In fact, we are now offering a LeanLeab pro-bono program to help you keep co-creating with your customers even now. You can find out more about the LeanLab pro-bono programme and apply for it here.

In addition to the ability to support your co-creation we are well positioned to help you with finding a new direction to get past the crisis and maybe even find new ways to gain earnings during it. Our long experience in strategic business design enables us to analyse your current situation and support you in finding ways to modify your business to fit the changed circumstances. We are ready to guide you through the process of creating a well planned and clear roadmap that takes you to the desired end result.

I hope that most of you are able to look beyond this crisis and try to see it not only as a threat, but also as an opportunity to create something completely new. If we approach this in a wise manner, look forward and include our customers in the dialogue, there might be some pleasant surprises waiting after the crisis.

If you would like to talk about how we could support you in your journey right now, please contact me and let’s discuss more. You can also always reach us at

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