Ville Tolvanen // April 27 2018

Creative Software

Creative software

Most of all we are a creative software ecosystem. We put “oil and water” together by creating new ideas, services and solutions from ideas to life. There is no tech without superior CX and fantastic brand experience without software that delivers.
There is a huge demand for expertise to move digital experiences from frames to our lives. Cars, toys, buildings, ships and everything becomes not just connected but smart. We will operate digital with smart speakers and wearables plus extras like drones. We are all over it. Serving the best companies including Spotify, Nokia, Honda and others to be competitive in digital era.
How to connect with digitalist vision from ideas to life? By understanding that there are variety of competences needed to deliver agile, creative and sound solutions. We need the best people on the bus and feel that we already have them.
We are living exciting times when digital moves from computers to experiences. We are the architects, designers and detectives for transformation. Together with our partners, customers and fellow Digitalists we deliver tomorrow’s solutions today.
Be patient. There are great things cooking and Digitalist taking big steps every week. The world is not ready, but is getting better all the time. It’s up to us to take the challenge of creating unique creative software. Amazing times with great people and customers. Thx for choosing the bus for driving relevant NEW!

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