Ville Tolvanen // August 26 2018

Culture Defines Digitalist Branding

Culture defines our brand

Welcome back. It’s time to start our engines for another epic season. This fall will be busy and challenging. We are growing to become one unified and global Digitalist.

We are in the middle of a strategy process. The objective is to define direction, competitive advantages, resources and organisation to build “From Ideas to Life.” After that there will studio driven Go-To-Market planning in all market areas. Finally strategy will be translated into a value proposal and a story.

How do we make Digitalist unique?

The success of Digitalist movement has always been open co-creation. With open innovation platform website, events, meetings, sprints and projects on seven cool studios we become the CX innovation platform connecting insight, branding, design and technology. Our dream customer should be anyone creating something new. We are the “silobreakers” and co-creators working for something new all the time.

Our culture becomes our brand. Digitalist is already known for empowered people, co-creation and unique set of competence and experience. We co-create anything from smart packaging to Honda Appstore. Together with our customers we bring tomorrow closer to today.

To make our culture i.e. branding even more understandable and visible, we should communicate more about the way we work. We have “Nordic” what-you-see-is-what-you-get (wysiwyg) approach to client challenges and operate very open, honest and straight forward way of conducting business. I see us as the successors for great Scandinavian design and technology masters. It’s our passion to integrate those to one holistic customer experience. We are the CX innovation company.

This fall we’ll make our work even more visible. We’ve start started paramount of new client work and will integrate expertise, studios and projects even more visible way. This season we have big events, projects and co-creation going on in rapidly growing Vancouver, San Francisco, London, Stockholm and in various cities in Finland.

Digitalist is an open innovation platform for creating new from ideas to life. Don’t hesitate to participate. We connect inspiring ideas and solutions with expertise to deliver tomorrow’s ideas today.

See you on and offline!




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