Ville Tolvanen // June 23 2017

Day One Thinking


What it takes for a company to last over generations? To survive, you have to evolve through continuous transformation.

I like saying “nothing kills like success.” Here in Finland we so pragmatic that we often think “Don’t fix if it ain’t broken.” Dangerous philosophy that easily stands for collecting money from customers the way we’be always doing it.

I’ve been working all spring with innovation workshops, tools, frameworks and solutions. The idea of innovative thinking is to see how technology, services and changes in consumer behavior may disrupt our business thinking and what are the new opportunities.

I heard a piece of great thinking in one of the #cocreation workshops (let me know if you have an idea who got this first?) I call it “day one thinking.” It was said that succeed are able to create day one experiences. In practise it mean forgetting about past success, culture and operations for moment and think openly, what should be done next. Great idea in my mind.

We often start strategy, innovation and growth planning from the exisiting and past thinking. To disrupt and grow, even a muscle needs to break first. Then there is space and opportunity for new ideas and we might even end up seeing the world differently.

All the statues you see are misfits or dissidents or their era. The ones disagree with existing are the ones that change the world.

You do not have to change everything, but make sure you plan your future from day one perspective. The only way to create something new is to leave past go at least for a minute!

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