Digitalist Network // October 02 2018

Day One

Yesterday was my first day as a Digitalist. I have the same kind of feeling as 21 years ago when I joined the worlds first digital mobile operator – Radiolinja. Those days were early days for mobile business. It was the beginning of 4th screen and convergence of IT, telco and entertainment. It included smart phones, mobile entertainment, gaming and office solutions.

This time, my morning at the Helsinki office began with a Blockchain presentation by Akatsuki Liu followed by talks about CX innovations for travel industry. Together with the Europe team we were focusing at Salesforce and CRM activities.

What did I learn yesterday? First of all I learned that joining Digitalist was a right move. I also learned there are a lot of international opportunities in Digitalist.

Most notably, the day left me thinking how technology is a transformation force and our task is to enable the transformation story. Blockchain, lean methodology, CX, robotics, IoT and AI is the new “mobile” industry. The future is already here.

Not a bad intake for one day. Looking forward to what will follow!

Always look on the bright side of life,
– Mikko

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