Ville Tolvanen // June 27 2017

Design defines success online

We are sieged by information overload every day.

The number of messages, ads and channels we connect with daily is still growing. Content shock becomes reality. How to proceed and create successful services?

Organizations that are the most popular online are the ones that deliver best customer experience. It’s about creating holistic design that makes service easy, useful and pleasant experience.

Why are still waiting for better customer experience and design in public and private services? We are too much IT and channel oriented. We still often see internet as reflection of our physical lives and routines. Too many organizations see internet as a channel to communicate through websites and cloud services.

Take users and their experience as a starting point for any service development. Create insights about usability, deliver winning design and learn to value the importance of the customer experience. It’s design that defines success online now and next.

Design also delivers future success online. We see services that create superior experience growing and being loved by frequent users. We will also see services that lack good customer experience becoming obsolete. It’s your choice to define the value of great design in your service creation.

The future will bright and aided by things like artificial intelligent for those who understand the value and challenge of great service design. Learn to work with the users and the best specialists to stand out of the crowd.

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