Ville Tolvanen // September 13 2017

Digitalist 2018 – co-creation between followers, participants, customers, partners, employees and owners

A man and a vision – that wasn’t the start for Digitalist Network. The starting point was rather a great concern for Finland and the aim to digitalize Finland one pixel at a time. A group of people got excited by the mission and began to work towards this at the fall of 2013.

Several companies stepped in to support the mission right from the start. The aim was to connect people from different fields by publishing articles, creating discussion groups and event networking. The people behind this were The Secretary General Ville Tolvanen, at his own risk, and a group of enthusiastic experts.

During the years the work and the tasks have grown enormously. This year, Digitalist Group was formed as a part of the network. Digitalist Group’s 250 specialists will continue the mission by profession. Digitalists serve their clients in over ten studios in Canada, the USA, the UK, Sweden, Finland and Singapore.

The mission to digitalise Finland one pixel at a time has been transformed into a sentence “because tomorrow is co-created” – an idea of creating tomorrow together. The same mission continues internationally together with the supertalented network.

Digitalist endorses platform economy, where participation is possible in several different ways. We have followers, participants, customers, partners, employees and owners. Everyone can choose their own role as a member of the network. Everyone has the right to utilise and benefit from this work the same way as before. Actually, things have never been this good.

We will combine the Group and the network as one community at the start of the new year. At the same time also partners and customers will be updated into a herald of new age. Digitalist studios will form a seedbed for international companies and also to those that advance the digitalisation of the service environment. Meanwhile, we are also looking for new partnerships in earnest. The aim is to move from digiharping to enhancing the industries. Dreams for 2018 consist of industries such as living, energy, transport, health, education, finance and manufacturing. Welcome to learn, share and care about the people, the planet and the companies in a completely new way.

At the start of the new year we wish to invite along all the digitalists of the world. In 2018 the main language of the network will be English and the Finnish social media group will continue in the same way as before. You are very welcome to network the world in the Digitalist spirit. Events will be organised in Stockholm, London, San Francisco and Helsinki. These will offer a great opportunity to share knowledge and skills with all those who are willing to learn.

This is the beginning of a new time and the community is stronger than ever. The goals have been set to five years from now and until then we will continue one day at a time.

Vision is the creation of tomorrow’s solutions together already today.

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