Ville Tolvanen // January 21 2018

Digitalist Business Design

We have a great challenge. Last year we combined 5 companies together under the Digitalist Brand. Ixonos, Wunderkraut Sweden, Cresense, Interquest & Digitalist become one global, united Customer Experience Design and Technology company. Yes – on paper.

We like to call us “A creative software company.” What we do is that we design digital disruption – help our customers strive, capitalise and deliver new ideas to life. We work on new ideas, services and technology.

We are a true turnaround and change company struggling to form a new success story. We are actually 1) growing 2) focusing 3) changing 4) saving 5) developing at the same time. Yes, you might think that it’s what all the companies do, but our opportunity is formed by the fact that we are small, international and a public company. There is plenty to do with culture, focus, offering, execution etc.

Luckily we are blessed with exceptional people and leading companies as a clients. We work with Honda, Nokia, Spotify, Finnair & Unionen to name with to deliver tomorrow’s solutions today.

So how do we think to take big steps forward in a short period of time? Let me explain our company business design.


  1. As a public company, we were forced to announce new global Digitalist before actually building it. We started with strategy. Our sweetspot is combining customer insights, design and technology where new business, services or thinking is created. To excel, we also chose six industries where we are very good at. Those are 1) technology 2) engineering 3) energy 4) travel and transportation 5) Smart citizen and 6) Customer services. All segments connect directly to references and special skills on individual level.
  2. After announcement and strategy work we started working on our shared values. We did first down up involving everyone in the company and then up down to crystallize chosen ones with leadership team. The values become the platform and foundation for our everyday. I’m very happy with our fresh new values 1) Empowered people 2) Power of collaboration 3) Improving by learning and 4) Customer success.
  3. Aligned with our strategy, we created new global organization and management system. It’s based on idea of global offering, shared culture and processes and flexibility to serve customers anywhere. I can truyly say, that we are pretty good on delivering services from anywhere to anyone interested. Still, there is continuous development challenge and huge amount of work to be done.
  4. It’s said that 80% of companies are able to create a strategy, but only 20% will execute it. Culture and change are the biggest challenges for a humankind. We’re working on putting a platforms, processes, leadership and reporting to support our success. Eating your own dogfood is always a good idea. Fortunately we are quite well supported by a team of strategists, designers, tech wizards and most of all, exceptionally clever people.
  5. The continuing challenge is to explain the world how 1) exceptional people 2) great tools and methodology and 3) open digitalist ecosystem approach can strive digitalization and deliver on a very agile manner. Our decision was to co-create with our partners and customers and deliver a glass-box branding. We operate through “open kitchen” where what you see is what you get. We try to communicate the same things internally and externally and live the way we preach. Satisfied customers and partners are the ones who will finally decide our destiny.

To me, building a international design tech company with a team of great leaders is a dream job. We are progressive and working night and day to prove our value to everyone. It’s a hell of a ride and a great challenge at the same time. Internally we think that we are and we should spend the best years in business together. I think that applies to everyone.

Try to create a story of your life every single day you get to live.

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