Ville Tolvanen // October 27 2017

Digitalist Day One

I am more than excited about November 1, 2017. It will be a new “day one” for Digitalist movement. Most of all, Digitalist Network & Group will unite to one, platform. We are experts, influencers, employees, customers, partners and owners co-creating tomorrow’s solutions today. Together we design digital transformation.

It’s a fresh new start (+Telia IOT Forum in Helsinki and HKI Studio Open day) for the movement. We will still be an open network for expertise and versatile people willing to share and co-create. Majority of the content will be published in English and anyone can still use the website to publish articles and videos, participate in events online or in venue or just follow and support #digitalist movement. Actually now Everyone Can Be a Digitalist!

Our new homebase will be the new website with articles, videos, events and discussions. It’s also a platform for any Digitalist to create a professional influencer profile, publish opinions or share information about current activities. In our dreams all Digitalists work together to lead digital transformation in open and social platform. Can’t wait to see what, if anything, happens! I truly hope for the brave ones to become visible and start sharing their take on issues. 2018 will be a very exciting time with the events in San Francisco, London, Stockholm and Helsinki. We’ll see how it goes. The first events in Stockholm have been baby steps but a great start! will continue serving as a platform for the Digitalist broadcast and also 3rd party content. There are cool events like TEKES AI event on Monday 23rd (in Finnish unfortunately) and Fortums “E-mobility exposed” on November 29, 2017.

Our movement is about sharing information, expertise and competence to advance digitalization. That means co-creating and delivering tomorrow’s solutions today. I’m happy to serve all Digitalists onboard and hope to have the best years in business together. Let’s make our time together unforgettable!

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