Ville Tolvanen // March 12 2018

Digitalist Group 2017

”The year 2017 was for Digitalist Group a year of reforming and investing in growth. The main measures were connected with continuation of reforming the Company’s business operations and with corporate acquisitions.

The first year of Digitalist Group, which was formed in May 2017, was a year of growth, changes, focusing, and development. Digitalist Group was formed, when Ixonos Plc’s, Rome Advisors’ Digitalist business operations, Interquest Oy’s, Wunderkraut Sweden’s, and Cresense’s business operations were united into Digitalist Group. The Company changed its name from Ixonos Plc to Digitalist Group Plc during the second quarter of the year. The new name and reformed Company has been well received by the Company’s customers, partners and especially the staff.

Digitalist Group aims at international and profitable growth by means of designing new thinking, services and technological solutions for digitalising industries. These industries include the technology industry, energy industry, transport and logistics, as well as consumer services in the private and public sector. The purpose of corporate acquisitions has been to strengthen the enterprise’s position as an overall supplier of user study, service design and technology.

The Company believes in considerable growth in solutions for user study, service design and intelligent technology in the next years. Factors affecting growth include new types of terminal devices, artificial intelligence, internet of things, and platform economy. Use of network services will change from traditional publication systems to an experience which is controlled by speech or a new kind of intelligent device, e.g. a watch, and increases demand for expertise in and solution of user-oriented experiences.

Digitalist Group carries on significant business operations in the United States (San Francisco), Canada (Vancouver), England (London), Sweden (Stockholm), and Finland (several units). We aim to serve international clientele and increase expertise and the number of experts especially in Finland and Sweden. During the operating year, Digitalist Group employed on average 203 experts.

Digitalist Group’s turnover grew during the year both organically and through corporate acquisitions. The increase in turnover was 31% for the accounting period and 47% for the fourth quarter. As concerns the development of the profitability, the trend remained correct, though the accounting year on the whole showed a loss. The result was weakened by investments in the Company’s reform and continuing development, and by expenses caused by corporate acquisitions and the name change.

Digitalist Group aims at profitable growth by concentrating on user study, design and technology consultation to clients. We believe that increase in turnover will continue and the operating result improve in 2018.

Digitalist Group builds a network-based operating model with client enterprises and business partners. In addition to knowledge-based services and development services, the enterprise produces contents, events, workshops, and various encounters with top-tier professionals in different industries. The aim is to create new ways of developing new business activity and design service, and to create technology in an agile way. The Company envisages that a network-based operating model will stimulate and speed up the building of new services for customers”.

CEO Ville Tolvanen

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