Digitalist Network // November 20 2019

Digitalist Group becomes a smart kitchen development partner for Fredman Group

Digitalist group has been selected to join Fredman Group’s product development team that is building smarter solutions for professional kitchens. By extending its network of professionals Fredman strives to develop new digital practices and standards both for the domestic and the international restaurant- and food-service business.

The services developed by Fredman Group has made data-driven decision making possible also in the restaurant business. Their food-tech services provide and analyze information from different processes in the kitchen. This information can be used to streamline the management of the restaurant business and give the cooking professionals more opportunities to focus on creativity and securing and improving the customer experience. To build their next generation services Fredman Group has invited Digitalist Group to become its new expert partner. Digitalist’s project- and technology expertise will be utilized in the software development of Fredman’s next generation technology platform. The project aims at finding new solutions for professional kitchens utilizing technologies like Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and machine learning, combined with user experience design.

”Fredman represents a new way of thinking in the Finnish food business. In addition to knowledge in kitchen and ingredients, it incorporates first class food safety, responsibility and environmental sustainability made possible by top class technology. It’s great to be part of this revolution of professional kitchens. I think that together we can create new ways to make the work in the kitchen easier and offer the kitchen professionals the best possible environment for practicing their profession.” Petteri Poutiainen, CEO at Digitalist, says.

”Finland is known for high-technology, safety and cleanliness, so we already had an excellent starting point to form these into food technology services. These services help the food service industry to gain more satisfied customers and personnel as well as build more sustainable, responsible and profitable business. Future services will significantly streamline the use of resources in kitchens, reduce wastage and bring transparency to traceability. It will even become possible to monitor the carbon footprint of individual portions”, Peter Fredman, Chairman of the Board at Fredman tells. “It’s great to get Digitalist to help us with the process where we are visioning the possibilities and needs of future kitchens”, he continues.

More information:

Digitalist Group Plc, Petteri Poutiainen, CEO, tel. + 358 40 865 4252,

Fredman Group Plc, Peter Fredman, Chairman of the Board, tel. +358 50 4011 616,

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