Digitalist Network // August 08 2017

Digitalist Group congratulates its product development partner The Rudolf for the contract with LUXOTTICA GROUP NORTH AMERICA

The Rudolf, a startup owned by the Nordic Industries Development Oy, has signed a deal with the biggest premium, luxury and sports eyewear retailer in the world, LUXOTTICA GROUP NORTH AMERICA. With over 7 400 stores LUXOTTICA GROUP owns brands such as Oakley, Ray Ban, Prada, Sunglass Hut and Lens Crafters just to name a few.

“We wish to congratulate the excellent team at Nordic Industries Development for their solution’s breakthrough. The Rudolf is a great example of how it is possible to build a startup as a service for both smaller and larger companies who want to break the traditional procedures of their industry,” says Teppo Kuisma, the COO of Digitalist Group.

The Rudolf is one of the industry changing products created by the Digitalist Group as a part of their Start up as a service concept. Startup as a service is designed to enable established businesses to launch new market changing services utilizing lean startup principles.

CEO of The Rudolf, Juha Seppänen, says that LUXOTTICA GROUP is going to use the visual sales tool to receive a total visibility of their operations in the North America. “This means, that everyone will immediately be able to see what is the situation at the moment, what has been done and what needs to be done next. This type of information, no CRM has been able to provide, the way we do.”

Leveraging on new type of user experience, interactive visualization and mobility, The Rudolf is going to eliminate unnecessary reports and emails.

The fact that LUXOTTICA GROUP saw the value in The Rudolf proves that a sales tool, which is nimble, easy to use and made essentially for the needs of the salespeople, not for management, is the future trend.

This type of add-ons are also a new and complementary segment to the CRM and ERP systems, augmenting their capacity in field operations.

Juha Seppänen says that the modification of the product began already in May and the implementation started in July. “It is definitely easier to continue taking over the global markets after the announcement of this significant deal.”

For more information please contact:
Teppo Kuisma, COO, Digitalist Group, +358 50 581 4075,

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