Ville Tolvanen // March 09 2018

Digitalist Network Innovation Platform

Digitalist ”Network Innovation Platform” effect

We operate Glass-box branding as a community of innovators. That means running an “open kitchen” operation. What you see is what you get. What we discuss internally, we can share with our partners and customers. Don’t be afraid. There is nothing that can go wrong in communications. Only worrying thing is that “nothing” happens. Live the preach.

Part our Digitalist movement and strength is the “network” open innovation platform for ideas, opinions, meet-ups, events and contacts. Our network is unique platform for striving digitalization in different parts of life. People working together for a better planet.

What makes our ecosystem network unique? Our ability to connect expertise to create tomorrow’s solutions today. How does it work as an methodology / ecosystem for innovation?

  1. Choose an industry or a topic you want to fertilize. This year we work on marketing, design, travel, fintech, living etc. 6 Big summits, 10 breakfasts and hundreds of workshops.
  2. Choose to audience size to fit business targets, objectives, time and place. A creative solution is important here. Different subjects call for unique recipes.
  3. Create compelling agenda of expertise, case studies, research and discussions. Deliver a great show instead of boring seminar stuff. Encourage people to enjoy the topic, event and networking.
  4. Co-create with different partners. Choose the right roles for every company. Someone knows the audience, speakers, contacts etc. Co-creation is the key for success in almost everything!
  5. Make the event an experience. Write compelling invitation, remember to invite several times and make it loud. Connecting people, ideas and companies calls for brace actions. Don’t hesitate to sell your idea and make sure it’s better than competition. Make your event, sprint or workshop remarkable.

What would you like to co-create with Digitalists?


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