Annika Anikari // May 02 2017

Digitalist Spirit

Annika Anikari

Leader and Privacy Expert, Lead of Developing Client Operations, One Digitalist Platform Product Owner

Last Thursday April 27th Ixonos joined forces with Digitalist Network, forming the new Digitalist Group.

I had been working last two months at customers’ premises most of my time because of two consulting assignments, but despite the distance to the home office being part of our Digitalist community felt more real than ever.

In the morning, when I was sitting on a bus and heading to the customer’s office, I checked the latest messages from our Slack channel from my phone. I had finished one set of slides the day before and shared my lessons learned and experiences to my colleagues on a topic that I have been working with.
I wanted to have a quick look if they had noticed it. My post had been liked with two heart icons, I was so happy because of some colleagues had found it beneficial for them. As a community we are all the time aiming for improvement, and this is one of those areas where I want to give my 110 % best because sharing knowledge with your colleagues does mean the same vice versa. I have also access to their knowledge and I can get their support as well in those areas which are not familiar to me.

When I got to my desk and started my laptop, I opened my Ixonos e-mail and Slack client on the background of my Excel sheets. Quite soon it started to happen. An e-mail written by our CEO Sami, sent from Ixonos Internal Communications, announced the acquisition of Rome Advisors along with it’s Digitalist Network business, and recruiting Mr. Ville Tolvanen as our CDO! I knew Ixonos was hosting the Ixonos Digitalist Business Design Forum at the same time because we had all got invitations. Photos taken by the participants started to appear into our Slack channels: The acquisition was published there at the same time, too.



I was thrilled:  The huge Digitalist Network sharing the expertise is now us! We are now the number one leader in digital transformation and co-creating new business together with our customers, partners and social networks. What an amount of knowledge backing us up, what an amount of new stories to be written!

Again a new e-mail: Tiina from the home office sent info that we would all soon get T-shirts printed with the new Digitalist logotype. She promised to take one for me, too, because I was not at the office. Last time when we had met each other she had given me my new phone which she had ordered for me. When you are working somewhere else than at the home office, it is important to have so wonderful service- minded persons at the office making the daily routines smooth.  I will get my Digitalist T-shirt latest in three weeks, because I had promised to my kids that we all are going to visit the office and participate in the Family Day that will be soon organized in Helsinki.

I was at the customer, but I felt that I had to send a message to Sami, share my thoughts of being happy for the news and wish him luck for the big day, containing certainly a huge amount of phone calls, press interviews, hosting the event and talking to our personnel in the afternoon. He replied to me sooner than I would have thought, wishing also me a wonderful Thursday.



I was in a great mood when working. It was easy to smile to the people at the customer. My friends seemed to be sharing the news on social media and many former colleagues and customers commented the news to be excellent. My lovely colleagues kept posting photos from several sites: Especially Jaana, Mikko and Alex reported the vibes from Helsinki and Jussi in Tampere was pouring champagne.  Even though I could not touch any of the glasses I was proud to be a member of this community sharing the joy, sharing the Digitalist spirit.

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