Ville Tolvanen // August 23 2017

Digitalist Strategy

The Big question is how are you going to transform your business to survive the digital era? There are so many great things going on with digital that it’s hard to even keep up with the pace, and even harder to try to capitalize the good ones.

In my mind leaders have three options. 1) You hire an army of new experts and try to get it done by balancing new and old cultures, businesses, services and behaviour. Sounds quite expensive. 2) The second option is to call a big one and order some digital business. Then you get an army of expertise with no guarantee of results nor better business. How long are you going to keep paying? When do you start living digital independently? 3) The third option is the combination of the first two options with some benefits.

Our idea is that you try to lead transformation by co-creating future together with a tailored group of experts from your organization supported with some external hands and lighthouses to conquer the unknown. By co-creating in cells, programs and outsourced studios, you reach speed, agility and results every week. We believe that we can deliver better performance to your transformation with our services.

In a digital world, new ideas and services can be tested in days or just few weeks. What used to take months conducted by business consultants can now be co-created in just a few weeks. Taking into account that you’re willing to participate in creating your better future.



Our focus is on co-creating tomorrow with our clients. Digitalists are senior experts with digital in their DNA. We partner with our customers and operate through their premises and our 9 global studios. Key customers are served through our lead studios in Helsinki and London (Europe) and San Francisco (North America).

What makes us unique is our approach to customer challenges. We operate through an open platform of users, partners, customers and employees globally. At the moment Digitalists hold over 20 different passports. We are digital nomads with a shared digitalist mission.



The other thing that sets us apart is our co-creation methodology. Digitalists believe in co-creation through discovery, design, delivery and drive. We make new ideas and customer insights into services and business models and even help you drive them forward in your organization and market place. I can’t wait to tell you a little bit more about this. Here are our four disciplines in a nutshell.

Discover – We help you in understanding what you should be doing today, tomorrow and in five years from now through gaining understanding of your existing and potential customers and future trends. Your ability to actually fulfill your customer needs will define your commercial success online.

Design – Create services that are up to date and deliver your brand promise. The real competition with services online happens in design of the new business models and services. We help you to reach the global paramount.

Deliver – Based on our joint discoveries, we help you to create the services of tomorrow. We offer you expertise as a service, business as a service or new business models. It’s up to you if you like to share your leadership with us. Together we will be definitely be more than just the two.

Drive – You have the ideas and services but how do you run existing and new businesses aligned? Let us participate and facilitate your innovation runway to better business performance. We are your partner in continuous design and development of innovative business solutions for the digital era. Together we can create tomorrow’s solutions today.

So who are the customers who believe in us and share their destiny with us? They are international and global companies who are leaders in their fields. We are honored to work with the best and the most innovative technology, engineering and service companies in the world. We work very closely with companies such as Samsung, Honda, Intel, Spotify and Finnair just to mention a few.

Why should you get interested in the Digitalist movement? Come and see if we can create a shared vision of your digital future. We try to live as we preach so you’ll get a day or two with a bunch of very dedicated and talented professionals. See what we can innovate together and if you would like to co-create your digital future with us.

We are on a mission to co-create tomorrow’s solutions today. We have 1) the expertise 2) experience 3) methodology 4) platforms and most importantly 5) the attitude to digitalise your business through co-creation. Let’s talk and see how we could innovate and deliver your digital future today.

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