Digitalist Network // May 17 2019

Digitalist supports family-work balance by organizing two summer camps for kids

Digitalist Group is organizing two free-of-charge one-week summer camps in June for employees’ and customers’ children. At the camp, children get to familiarise with service design and design their own digital solution in an age-appropriate way. The camps are organised two consecutive weeks right in the beginning of the school summer holidays and the camp will also offer seats for unprivileged children. The camps are organised together with the Finnish Housing Fair and Lastenliitto.

At Digitalist there has lately been a lot of discussions around the company culture and values, and also how to support employees in different life situations. In families with young schoolkids the long summer holidays are often tricky when parents have to arrange for someone to take care of their kids while being at work. The idea for a summer camp at company premises rose from a desire to make life easier for parents with small school aged kids and keep the wheels rolling also during summer. Since customer success and caring about others are some of the company’s core values, the camps were decided to be opened also to customers’ kids and some unprivileged kids that might not otherwise have the possibility to join a summer camp.

At the camp we familiarize kids with service design in an age-appropriate way. During the week kids get to work with a concrete service design challenge set by the Finnish Housing Fair, and our service design experts steer them through a similar service design sprint that we use with our customers”, Stefanie Brandt-Tallqvist from Digitalist says. “The camp ends in an evening event where the kids get to show their parents the final solution that they have created”, Stefanie continues.

”This year the theme of the Housing Fair is new living in a historic barracks setting. At the Housing Fair in Kouvola you will see a versatile area where the old and new meet. The themed weeks at the fair deepen the different aspects of living and on the first week, the hobby week we will for example focus on living and free time. During the week we dig into how hobbies affect decisions related to living and how Finns prefer to spend their free time”, Leena Honkajuuri from the Housing Fair says. “The service design challenge at the camps is a great opportunity to hear the kids and give them a chance to design a service that facilitates hobbies and that they like”, Leena continues. Materials produced during the camps will be displayed at the hobby week at the Housing Fair next summer.

”For Lastenliitto it’s really natural to collaborate on this, since hobbies, supporting families and combining work and family life are in the core of our operations”, Miia Syysnummi from Lastenliitto says. “We are planning a long-term collaboration that will enable us to continue providing similar services also in the future and we are excited to be a part of this”, Miia concludes.

The camps are organized at the Digitalist studio in the heart of Helsinki. This means that the children of Digitalist personnel get to spend their days at the parents workplace, and the central location is also ideal for customers and partners. At the camps the first part of the day will be spent getting to know service design and working on the challenge, led by Digitalist experts and a camp leader from Lastenliitto. After lunch the kids will do field trips within the Helsinki area and do with many fun activities together.

For more information, please contact:

Stefanie Brandt-Tallqvist, Digitalist Group, Head of Employee Experience,, +358 40 576 90 89

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