Digitalist Network // December 12 2019

Digitalist takes over CRM

New CEO Petteri Poutiainen brings CRM to the core of Digitalist’s strategy

CX Innovation company Digitalist expands and strengthens its offering into CRM services. By combining Digitalist’s wide expertise in brand strategy, innovation management, service design, technology and customer data, Digitalist clearly differentiates from its competitors in the CRM market.

“Today CRM systems are widely used all over the world and they play a significant role in the customer experiences provided to consumers and customers. There are very few current implementation partners to the major CRM cloud platforms such as Salesforce that have as wide and strategic know-how as Digitalist. We help our customers unleash the power of their CRM investments and align their CX innovation programs in relation to their cloud platforms. We expect the area to be a game changer in the market and for Digitalist”, Petteri Poutiainen, CEO at Digitalist says.

The new offering will reach all Digitalist markets through cross functional teams and all Digitalist studios in Finland, Sweden, UK, Canada and USA. Digitalist is also developing a method framework for running in-house day-to-day operations in data-driven organizations to support continuous improvement and acceleration.  

Michael Jäderlind, a well known Swedish serial-entrepreneur, has been chosen to lead the CRM business. Jäderlind is known as the founder and entrepreneur at the digital full-service agency Nansen (Making Waves, NoA) and the insight and data-driven marketing agency Odyssey.

 ”Digitalist is probably one of the most well positioned companies in the Nordics to take on the challenges enterprise customers have when it comes to CRM. After meeting the team, already up to speed with digital strategy and platform innovation, the choice to join was easy.”, Michael Jäderlind tells.


For more information, please contact:

Michael Jäderlind, Head of CRM, Digitalist Group
+46 70 849 21 19

Petteri Poutiainen, CEO, Digitalist Group
+358 40 865 42 52

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