Digitalist Network // August 03 2020

Digitalist’s Ticknovate™ business announces joint venture with ABC Leisure Investments Ltd

Digitalist Group Plc (“Digitalist Group” or “Company”) has decided to enter into an overall arrangement where the business relating to the TicknovateTM product of Digitalist UK Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of the Company, and the related assets and personnel (“Business”) is transferred by a transfer of assets to a subsidiary, Ticknovate Limited, founded by Digitalist UK Limited in the UK.

Digitalist and ABC Leisure Investments Ltd will continue the further development and commercialisation of the TicknovateTM product and business in Ticknovate Limited. From Digitalist Group Plc’s point of view, the Arrangement provides additional investment in the further development of the TicknovateTM product and business as a part of the Group’s internationalisation strategy.

“Digitalist Group’s aim is to help our clients to offer their target groups top-quality customer experiences. As a part of our own product development together with clients in the field, we have developed the innovative and intelligent Ticknovate, being a comprehensive cloud-based ticketing and booking Software as a Service (SaaS) solution system for sightseeing tours, attractions, and ferries, which helps travel and tourism businesses to improve their customer experience and increase their turnover. A stronger focus on the further development of Ticknovate combined with the knowledge of the industry contributed by the new investor ABC Leisure Investments Ltd will make faster scaling and international growth possible in this sector“, says CEO Petteri Poutiainen of Digitalist Group.

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