Digitalist Network // December 07 2020

Digitalist’s Ticknovate™ wins The Best Technology Product at The Travolution awards 2020

Congratulations to Digitalist’s Ticknovate™ for winning The Best Technology Product at The Travolution awards 2020. The award was sponsored by Webloyalty. The Travolution Awards recognise the most innovative and exciting work in the field of digital travel.
Earlier, during the fall of 2020, Digitalist’s Ticknovate™ announced the joint venture with UK’s ABC Leisure Investments Ltd, with it they expected big developments. The joint venture established the continuation in further development commercialisation of the Ticknovate™ product and business in Ticknovate Limited. The Joint venture also established the business as part of Digitalist Group’s internationalisation strategy.


“It was amazing for Ticknovate to be awarded Best Technology Product especially being grouped with great companies like CodeGen international, Mastercard, Paxport Group, Nezasa and Traveltep. This award is the culmination of three years of sustained effort by the whole of the team to deliver a digital ecosystem that makes complex ticketing simple for a number of verticals including Sightseeing tour companies, Attractions, Ferries, Museums and Theatres.  This award will help us in all areas, recruiting talent, marketing awareness, attracting partners for integration and obviously opening opportunities for new customers.”

– David Orridge, Head of User Experience, Ticknovate

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