Titi Kalda // April 29 2020

Distance Working: Through My Eyes

It certainly was, and still is, an incredibly interesting start to my life with Digitalist. It was only after a couple of weeks into the job when I found out everybody was to work from home, or remotely. In a perfect world, I would’ve gotten to know my workmates face-to-face, but instead, everything’s now done virtually. A big part of my character revolves around my positive body language, but instead, I’ve latched onto the limited emojis available. Nonetheless, I’ve taken the initiative to work at the office, so much so that it has become normality.

Daily and special routines have all moved towards virtual spaces, we can thank many entrepreneurs for creating Google Hangout, Zoom, and many more. Prior to virtual meetings, we use to have weekly Friday coffee breaks, Monday morning breakfasts, and daily standups. I appreciate how we, as an organization, have taken this as an opportunity to practice our digitalization. We now have a master group, of 80-90 employees, where we share our latest achievements, procedures, and daily tasks. It is so amazing to see how much we all support and encourage one another.

Remote working came out of the blue to me, I can call it a genuine surprise how well we’ve kept in touch. Many have mentioned that this uncertainty of a situation has pulled us even closer than we were before. A sense of leniency has also been put in check to make sure we are comfortable every day (but not too comfortable). It has become increasingly difficult for individuals with kids, because balancing a healthy work and personal life can interlapse and cause a distraction. However, we are all in it together and that’s what motivates us even more to become a unified, solid, rock.

Personally, I encourage colleagues through our communications channels to recognize and remember that there is more to it than work – that we can share the fun side of things virtually. Even though it’s difficult to get colleagues to respond to my challenges, it is the thought that counts and a 1-minute video might boost someone’s moods for the day. For the past few weeks, I’ve started an ‘Office Alone’ video story, when I’m doing all sorts of creative cinematography – it’s working. People like them.

Furthermore, we had several initiatives organized by our employee experience team to ensure our mental wellbeing are being addressed. Many colleagues have felt sorry for me being alone all the time, and truly I can say I feel fantastic. I feel fantastic because of all the supportive people we have in our organisation. It is difficult not to miss people, because at the end of the day we are all humans, and we need other humans to survive. Prioritizing other’s needs are always above mine, as an I primarily here to help with stuff that needs taking care of, whether it’d be office duties, administrative, marketing, you name it, my colleagues are priority #1.

When the uncertainty becomes certain, I would love for everyone to be back here, and I’m ready for a long process of getting to know everyone (FINALLY). We have begun planning, meticulously, on reopening the office team-by-team, however still following government regulations by travelling alone and of safe distance of others. However, nothing is certain and we will see what the future holds. For now, we’re motivated experts in reacting to fast changes, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone back (Whenever it may be).